Contributing to Enviromental Sustainability.
"Since 2005 we use Hydroelectricity to manufacture our devices. in doing
so we can leave a better planet for our children and grandchildren"


Message from Rafic Saleh, President of Horizons International Corp

As we head towards the end of 2012, we at Horizons International Corp  are awaiting the future with the excitement of knowing that hopefully all of you will be a part of making significant contributions to the field of PULMONARY.

As we have been told over and over again by Doctors, if there were ways to access deeper areas within the lungs, then higher rates of detection would be achieved. With these higher detection rates more people could be treated and more lives could be saved. Hence our slogan

"We Listen, Innovate and Create to save lives"

This is a theme we hold dear and near to our hearts. For we are truly in the business of providing instruments which yield higher cells and tissues in support of saving a life.

All of us at Horizons International Corp could not be happier to know that you are a part of this journey, which starts one step at a time, visiting Dr's offices and furthering their knowledge and expertise in the use of these methods.

Welcome to this new and exciting moment. We will never know how many lives were saved, but we will have the satisfaction of knowing that we contribute with leading edge instruments that have the possibility of transforming an ending into a new beginning!


Welcome to Horizons International Corp.